Condemned for Bill & Melinda Gates


The book ‘CONDEMNED’ raises awareness of an important and neglected issue. The book is a campaigning tool. We are using it to target People With Power (PWP), to have them take notice and request that they take action. Books have been sent to, amongst others, Hillary Clinton, Bill and Melinda Gates, Bono, Oprah, Helen Clarke, Rosalynn Carter, and Bob Geldof. We need your help getting CONEMNED to more PWPs.

This is what you can do:
1. Go to, buy ‘CONDEMNED’. Make the delivery address “FotoEvidence, 178 Frost st. 3L, Brooklyn, NY, 11211, USA” In the comments section write “this book is for Witness Change to send to ‘name’ or ‘to a PWP of your choice’”

2. Then send Witness Change a message using the contact form on this website informing us that you have purchased a book for a PWP. You can suggest an individual or leave it up to us. We need to have an address where the PWP can be reached. A personalized message, and request action on your behalf will be written in the book. You can suggest the message.

3. Witness Change makes no money from sales of this book. We will cover economy postage anywhere in the world, but we would be grateful for any donations that would help us cover these expenses. You can DONATE here. | CONDEMNED – A call to action. You can help!

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