J&Q, Uganda


J&Q, Uganda



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J&Q are a Ugandan lesbian couple. They are married. Their union though is not legally or socially recognized. Rather, Ugandan society views lesbian relations as an abnormality – a disease that needs to be cured. J&Q live in constant fear and have routinely been verbally attacked by those who find out they are a couple. “One time a group of men walked up to us at a nightclub and sought our company. When they realized that we are together, they started throwing insulting words like ‘you need to be raped to rid of your stupidity of liking a fellow girl.’” 

J&Q were photographed by Robin Hammond for Where Love is Illegal, a global campaign sharing the stories of LGBTQI+ people who face discrimination because of who they love or how they identify. Every participant in the project is given the opportunity to collaborate in the making of their photograph so they can present themselves how they want to be seen.

Read more about J&Q story on Where Love is Illegal.

All proceeds from this auction go to supporting the continued work of Witness Change.


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